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Carmody Consulting provides program evaluation services for schools, non-profits, foundations, government and research organizations. Services include small, discrete projects in addition to comprehensive planning and data management efforts.



Program Evaluation  • Document outcomes and program implementation, collect critical information and improve program design.

Organizations may require assistance with a comprehensive evaluation study. In addition, research firms may contract for several  distinct services, including instrument development, data collection, synthesis and analysis, reporting, etc.

Evaluation Planning and Data Management 
Envision outcomes, set program development and evaluation priorities, and plan for data management.

Ideally, evaluation planning occurs in conjunction with original program design; however, especially in times of organizational growth and change, the development of a clear program logic and associated evaluation plan must be devised after a program or intervention has existed for months, or even years. Carmody Consulting works with your organization to clearly understand how program inputs and activities directly relate to outcomes.  This sets the stage for evaluation planning and effective data management. 

Grants Development  Incorporate sound evaluation strategy into grant proposals.

More than ever before, grants awarded by government, foundations and other organizations require sound evaluation for any funded project. Carmody Consulting works with your organization to devise and articulate an evaluation strategy that meets funder requirements in addition to program evaluation needs. 




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